The library

The Merano Theatre has a library with more than 18,000 volumes. It includes drama texts dating from 1900-1930 on hand-written rolls, typed and manuscripts texts, as well as librettos, piano scores, choir and orchestra scores of operas, operettas and lyrical dramas which were performed here, copy and costume books, theatre posters, early editions of theatre magazines and old photographs. There are also theatre and music lexicons as well as secondary literature. The majority of the volumes are in German, but in recent years numerous Italian texts and translations from English and French literature were also collected.

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Bibliothek des Stadttheaters
Theaterplatz 2
39012 Meran

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The Kursaal
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Ohmann room
80 seats - 94 m²
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Merano Theatre
296 seats
Elegant ambience with stage and stalls for theatre productions, concerts and conventions

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