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From 1870 on, tourism resulted in a wave of building activity in the now-fashionable spa resort of Meran. The remaining sections of the city walls disappeared. Guests taking the cure strolled along the Promenade. There was the Kurhaus with baths, a casino and a festive hall of mirrors. But the calls for a proper theatre became louder, and thus the city commissioned the Munich architect Martin Dülfer with the building of a municipal theatre.

The building provoked considerable enthusiasm and Art Nouveau became the in thing in Meran. The façade, in classicist style, was an attractive mixture of roughcast, smooth surfaces, stucco works, Art Nouveau ornamentations and a splendid porch on columns with a balcony. The interior was an outstanding example of Art Nouveau decoration.

The Theatre was officially opened on 1 December 1900 with a performance of Goethe's “Faust”. Up until the outbreak of the First World War, the theatre had its own ensemble of a high artistic quality. The theatre became a magnet for artists and musicians from all over the world. Following the 1923 stay of the opera composer Giacomo Puccini in Meran, the theatre was named the “Teatro Puccini”.

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