Dancing graces and sensuous muses…

Today Merano’s Kurhaus, with the graceful dancers on its dome, is a landmark for the city, undoubtedly famed far beyond the confines of South Tyrol as one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in the Alps.

The Viennese secessionist and architect Friedrich Ohmann used filigree stucco, floral ornamentation, large windows, bright colours and delicate fittings to bring the lightness of the Viennese Art Nouveau style to the large structure. The enchanting ceiling paintings in the large Kursaal are by Rudolf Jettmar, Alexander Rothaug and Horazio Gaigher. The muse-like figures pay homage to the mild climate, light, fertility and warmth – a homage to the landscape, climate as well as to sensuous desire.

In the 1980s, the Kurhaus was fully renovated under the direction of Merano engineer Siegfried Unterberger. The building was outfitted in accordance with modern requirements as regards its structure, event facilities and services, with all vaulting and ceilings restored to meet the safety regulations. On 28 March 1989, the magnificent Merano Kurhaus opened as an event venue with a splendid concert by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

Highlights in the recent history of the Kurhaus include the wedding celebrations of skier Gustav Thöni, the Missoni fashion show, Helmuth Kohl as the guest speaker at a political event and Zubin Mehta as the star guest of the Merano Music Weeks.

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